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Goodwin Plastics Ltd.
Unit 1
277 Crewe Road
T: 01270 58 2516
F: 0127 025 1221
W: Goodwin Plastics Ltd.

  • 1: Boat & Camper Accessories
  • 2: Boat & Camper Accessories
  • 3: Boat & Camper Accessories
  • 4: Boat & Camper Accessories

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Boat & Camper Accessories

Boat and Camper Accessories in England & Wales

Our products include:-

Water Tank With Pump
Polypropylene water tank already assembled with fresh water pump.

Polypropylene Water Tanks

Flared Edge Polypropylene Water Tank

Tri Water Tank

Wall Hanging Water Tank

SMEV VA8005 Square sink with glass lid  9102300027

SMEV PI8002 Two burner hob with glass lid 9102300089. 

SMEV 9222 Combi 9222 two burner hob and right hand sink combination with glass lid 9103301535

Portable 972 domestic toilet - 9108557679

Whale inline booster high flow pump 12V (GP1692). 

ABS wall Foldable sink

Orange type ec fuel tank.

To see our full range or for more information visit our website or click our trade link.

Trade Link: Boat & Camper Accessories

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