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Abrasives For Industry Ltd
Units 24 & 25 Skirsgill Business Park
CA11 0FD
T: 01768 866530
F: 01768 862538
W: Diamond Blades, Cutting Disks & Other Abbrasives

  • 1: Diamond Drill Bits
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Diamond Drill Bits

Part no: Diamond Drill Bits

Here at Abrasives World we specialise in Abrasive Technology from Diamond Blades to Stripping disks. We offer High Specification solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

One of the products we offer our customers includes Premium Diamond Tile Drill Bits for Porcelain & Granite.

Key features include:

Vacuum brazed diamond tipped for exceptionally hard bond
Open core minimises cutting work
Clearance slot for easy removal of drilled materials
Use drill guide for sizes up to 12mm diameter
Larger sizes (18mm upwards) have a pilot drill, which can be removed after starting the hole
Suitable for porcelain, ceramic, marble and other hard materials 

For more information on our Premium Diamond Tile Drill Bits for Porcelain & Granite please visit our website.

We also offer free delivery on our products to our customers across the UK.

Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Diamond Drill Bits

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