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Advanced Acoustics
Unit B Maunside
Greenlines Industrial Estate
NG18 5GU
T: 01623 643609
F: 01623 400661
W: Specialist Acoustic Solutions

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Autex Acoustic Products

Here at Advanced Acoustics we specialise in the provision of acoustic solutions for studios, offices & cinemas.

One of the product ranges we offer our customers includes Autex Acoustic Products.

We stock two ranges of Autex products, these are:
QuietSpace Range
Wallcoverings Range
The Quietspace range offers high-performance acoustic control products made from recyclable 100% polyester. The products are not only durable but aesthetically pleasing allowing designer’s real creative freedom whilst still delivering highly effective noise reduction.
The Quietspace sound absorption ratings range from 20% to 100% across the collection, providing an extensive choice of noise reduction options.
Autex’s wallcovering range offers high quality acoustic performance with n attractive finish. The highly durable 100% polyester wallcoverings are resistant to moisture, staining & UV fade, providing a long-lasting solution to noise reduction.
Autex wallcoverings are free from chemical binders & glues, making them safer for users as well as more eco-friendly. The polyester fibre is non-toxic, non-irritating &resistant to the dust mites and bacteria that trigger asthma and other allergies.
The wall coverings are also fully recyclable.
For more information on our Autex Acoustic Products please visit our website.

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