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Advanced Acoustics
Unit B Maunside
Greenlines Industrial Estate
NG18 5GU
T: 01623 643609
F: 01623 400661
W: Specialist Acoustic Solutions

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Office Acoustic Panels

Here at Advanced Acoustics we specialise in the provision of acoustic solutions for studios, offices & cinemas.

One of the products we offer our customers includes Office Acoustic Panels.

We have three types of Office Acoustic panels which are:

Wall mounted
Ceiling mounted
Ceiling Suspended
Our Office Acoustic Panels effectively neutralise reverberation, noise & echo increasing productivity & comfort of space occupiers. The Panels are a cost effective, acoustically effective & easy to install method of noise neutralisation.
Our Office Acoustic Panels are available in a variety of colours & designs for the easy incorporation into your office environment.
Ideal for a range of applications including:
Sports Halls
Community Halls
Conference Rooms
Interview Rooms
Lecture Theatres
Call Centres
& more.
For more information on our Office Acoustic Panels please visit our website.

Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Office Acoustic Panels

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