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All Seasons Hire Ltd
Harewood Farm
London Road
SP11 6LJ
T: 01264 387 370
F: 01264 358478
W: Chiller Hire, Boiler Hire, Air Conditioning Hire

Exhaust Tube Air Conditioner

Part no: Exhaust Tube Air Conditioner

Exhaust Tube Air Conditioner We use top quality Portable Air Conditioning. Our Air Conditioners are modern and energy efficient. All Our Air Conditioners work on a 13amp single phase plug. Portable Air Con units range from 4kw to 10kw, they can Air Condition all environments including Offices, Shops, Server Rooms, Warehouses, Hospitals, Manufacturing, Marquees and Events. Please click on Trade Link for more information

Trade Link: Exhaust Tube Air Conditioner

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