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All Seasons Hire Ltd
Harewood Farm
London Road
SP11 6LJ
T: 01264 387 370
F: 01264 358478
W: Chiller Hire, Boiler Hire, Air Conditioning Hire

20/40kW Air Handler Hire

Part no: 20/40kW Air Handler

20/40kW Air Handler Nominal cooling duty 20 kW Nominal heating duty 40 kW Condensate 12.93 Kg/hr Air flow (max) 3058 m³/hr 1800cfm Dry Bulb Air Inlet 27°C RH Inlet 60% RH Out 92.5 Fluid Inlet Temp 6°C Dimensions (L x W x H) 587 x 337 x 1844 mm Max Cold Air Duct Length 20 metres / 65 feet (x2 Ducts) For more information please click on the Trade Link

Trade Link: 20/40kW Air Handler

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