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Automatic Access Ltd.
2 Barkby Lane
T: 0116 2695050
F: 0116 269 6060
W: Suppliers & Installers of Door Technology

  • 1: Versatile Automatic Sliding Doors
  • 2: Versatile Automatic Sliding Doors
  • 3: Versatile Automatic Sliding Doors
  • 4: Versatile Automatic Sliding Doors

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Versatile Automatic Sliding Doors

Here at Automatic Access, we are a top UK supplier and installer of leading brand door technology systems and allied products.

One of the products we offer is Automatic Sliding Doors. These versatile doors are popular in many industries, creating an appealing and inviting entrance whilst allowing for large objects, such as delivery palettes, to enter with ease.

Key Features:

Can be used as a single or double-leaf construction
Opening can be as large as you need
Can be integrated into existing beams/columns
Perfect for use both internally and externally
Can be integrated into almost any building façade
Can help your premises meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act

We are committed to offering flexibility and adaptability in relation to customer requirements. Please call our team today to discover what we can do for you.

For more information click on our Trade Link.

Trade Link: Versatile Automatic Sliding Doors

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