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Nationwide Safety Surfaces Ltd
Number 2
50 a Alderley road
T: 01625 528464
W: Installing Safety Surfaces in the UK

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Life Changing Surfaces


By: Web Author

Single Mum is doing everything she can for her Daughter.

Kerry Foster is an amazing mum who looks after her child Alexis with the gusto that makes us all envy her. Alexis was diagnosed with Albrights hereditary osteodystrophy two years ago; this unfortunately means that Alexis will never be able to lead the normal sort of life every parent wishes for their child. However, through some amazing work that Kerry has done for Alexis with lots of fundraising events and unimaginable amounts of hard work she has been raising the £4000 needed for the transformation of the garden.

This diagnosis of Alexis means that going out to parks to play on the equipment there is a very hard for her to deal with as it can make her extremely anxious and can also be unsafe for her. However, the hope for this projects is to create a safe environment in which Alexis can freely play and not have to feel stressed or anxious about the other children or her safety. The previous garden was an overgrown mess of a garden with jutting stone slabs and no real place to play making the garden extremely hazardous for Alexis to play in.

Before embarking on this fund-raising mission Kerry used to do a lot of fundraising for the Stoke based charity Caudwell Children where Kerry has raised £5000 for the organisation and they consider her to be a ‘Real inspiration’.

This new garden made by us at Nationwide Safety Surfaces will be a blessing for the family as Alexis is only able to walk for short distances before needing to be back in her wheelchair again meaning that they will have a mini private park in their back yard that Alexis can easily walk to at any time she wants.

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