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CableJoG Limited
18 Browmere Drive
T: 01925 764471
F: 01925 764903
W: Cable Testers & Equipment

CableJoG 64 Cable Testers

Part no: CableJoG 64

Here at CableJoG we supply a wide range of Cable Testers.

One of our products is the CableJoG 64 Cable Tester, which can test up to 64 individual connections of all manufacturers of connectors.

This product is only available for special order.

Technical Information:
CONNECTOR PINS: 2 x 64way via a standard IDC header (2 x 34 each way)
KEYBOARD: 4 x 4 Keyboard; 0 to 9, 4 cursor keys Clear & Enter
DISPLAY: 1 Line 16 Character Alphanumeric LCD Backlit Display
PROCESSOR Z80 CMOS: Real Time Clock and Serial I/O MEMORY 32K EPROM, 32K RAM POWER - Integral 9V Nicad - External 'Plug Top' 300 mA Power Supply - 5 year Lithium [Memory Backup]

DIMENSIONS - Width: 310mm Length: 180mm Depth: 60mm
OPTIONS - CableJoG Command Programme (C.C.P.) - Windows™ based Cable/Cable Harness Test and Document Programme

This simple test instrument stores up to 87 separate connection configurations.

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Trade Link: CableJoG Cable Testers

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