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Garage Pride
Suite 2B, Network House
Oxon Business Park
T: 01743 742028
W: Garage Pride

Garage Pride Profile

The home garage is a room of the house very often used for a variety of things besides putting the car to bed at night, but is often overlooked from an aesthetic point of view. For many, the garage doubles up as a workshop. Usually a very untidy and somewhat unwelcoming workshop at that. Garage Pride specialises in converting this often overlooked room into one that's not only more pleasing on the eye, but more practical and spacious too.

At Garage Pride, we can transform your garage into an accessible and inviting space through the installation of various high quality storage cabinets and shelving units, as well as stunning automotive floor tiles. Having a tidy and organised home workshop incorporated into your garage really does make any DIY task far easier to complete.
With Garage Pride's stellar range of first rate products the possibilities are endless. Come and have a look at some of the excellent projects we've taken on by viewing the gallery on our website. You can also browse our extensive catalogue and find various ways to get in touch with us.

Our product/service range includes:

Garage wall storage
Shelving units
Garage floor tiles
Tool trolleys
Outdoor kitchen cabinets

The industries we supply to include:
Private customers

To discuss your needs and options, please call a member of our team today.

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