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George Culley The Hairy Worm
Unit 8 Dodgson Street Industrial Estate
Dodgson Street
OL16 5SJ
T: 0161 622 0020
F: 0161 622 0020
W: George Culley The Hairy Worm

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Silicone Extrusions

Part no: Silicone Extrusions

Here at The Hairy worm we specialise in draught excluders. Drawing on over 30 years experience we offer top of the range draught excluders for a wide range of windows and doors.

One of the products we offer our customers includes Silicone Extrusions.

Our top quality and long-lasting Silicone Extrusions are perfect for any draught proofing and general sealing requirements.

Key Features include:

Resistant to hot & cold conditions
Resistant to steam & oils
Able to conduct electricity and heat
Long lasting

Utilised in the following industries:

Civil engineering
Aerospace, & more.

Click on our Trade Link for more information.

Trade Link: Silicone Extrusions

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