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Avon Industrial Doors Ltd.
Unit 4 Armstrong Way
Great Western Business Park, Yate
BS37 5NG
T: 01454 273110
F: 01454 323224
W: Industrial Door Manufacturers

Insulated Overhead Doors

Part no: Insulated Overhead Doors

Here at Avon Industrial Doors Ltd. we are an independent Bristol based door manufacturer, with years of experience in the industrial and commercial door trade.

One of our products includes Insulated Overhad Doors which combine attractive appearance, energy efficiency and robust construction with ease of operation.

These doors are available with a choice of 3 different long-life exterior finishes, in more than 20 standard colours. Visit our website to view the colour chart.

Of these exterior finishes the 2 preferred standards are Polyester coated galvanised steel or Plastisol coated galvanised steel, both of which provide a tough, corrosion-resistant and durable finish suitable for use in almost any environment.

Other options include:

A choice of six double-glazed window sizes
Integral or matching independent pass doors
Fascia panels
Security locking systems
Automatic controls.

Technical/Application Drawings, Brochures and Door Specification available on our website.

Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Insulated Overhead Doors

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