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ASAP Septic Tanks
Unit 1 Woodland Close
NG21 9BF
T: 01623 232240
W: ASAP Septic Tanks

Sample and Distribution Chamber

Here at ASAP Septic Tanks we specialise in the supply of septic tanks, and drainage systems for commercial and domestic applications.

Our Sample and distribution chamber is designed for use in domestic treatment systems. The robust sturdy polyethylene chamber works by discharging fluid effluent through percolation pipes to an underground disposal area via infiltration trenches or a bed.

Key Features include:

  • Robust, sturdy polyethylene chamber
  • Easy to transport, handle and install
  • Five blanked outlets allow on-site modifications as required
  • Inlet grommet provides superior sealing between pipe & chamber
  • Solid wall and perforated pipes are socket jointed in compliance with regulations
  • Perforated pipe exceeds regulations with 1960mm² perforations per linear metre
  • Percolations are sized and spaced to ensure granular fill cannot enter pipe and effluent can flow easily
  • Watertight, heavy duty riser accommodates deeper invert requirements
  • The frame consists of 110mm height and tilt adjustable spigot
  • Secure cover in frame reduces risk of accident, injury or removal

Please call our team to discuss your needs.

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