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Border Forklift Services
Unit 3, Site 9 Kingstown Broadway
Kingstown Industrial Estate
T: 01228 550166
F: 01228 550166
W: Border Forklift Services

Aisle-Master Articulated Electric Range

Part no: Electric Range

AISLE-MASTER - AISLE-MASTER ARTICULATED ELECTRIC RANGE Aisle-Master offers a range of electric models, which will be of particular interest for those industries which may operate a policy of not using engine powered vehicles, such as the food manufacturing and pharmaceutical sector. The uniquly designed Aisle-Master can do the work of both a conventional forklift and reack truck with the flexibility to work in very narrow aisles,plus unload trucks in the yard. It has a 20kw drive motor, which makes it the most powerful electric articulated truck on the market in terms of speed and gradeability,for greatly improved productivity. Container loading is also possible. The superior visibility achieved in narrow aisle and high reach situations ensures greater placement accuracy and less product damage compared to other lift trucks. The controls are ergonomically designed to maximise driver comfort and performance. The articulated design of the Aisle-Master provides faster load cycle times and reduced driver fatigue, thus improving efficiency which ultimately results in increased profitability. Click on our Trade Link for more information.

Trade Link: Aisle-Master Articulated Electric Range

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