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Armill Lift Trucks Ltd.
3a Crittal Drive
Springwood Industrial Estate
T: 0870 8721242
F: 0137 634 1314
W: Armill Lift Trucks Ltd.

CESAB DRAGO 150 180 200 Forklifts, Haverhill

Part no: CESAB 150 180 200, Haverhill

This forklift range has a short overall length and has been designed for general purpose handling duties in confined spaces. 

Forklift Range Features:

Lifting capacity from 1500 to 2000 Kg
Lifting height up to 7000 m
Two independent high power front wheel hydraulic motors driven by a hydrostatic pump coupled to the engine. 
High acceleration and braking performance characteristics
Low levels of fuel consumption 
2.5 litre diesel or 2.2 litre LPG low emission engines are standard
Two braking systems including hydrostatic deceleration and oil bath brakes.
High efficiency and low operating costs 
Clearview mast with high torsional rigidity to allow safe handling of loads of all sizes.

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Trade Link: CESAB DRAGO 150 180 200 Forklifts , Haverhill

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