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Autopa Limited
Cottage Leap

CV21 3XP
T: 01788 550556
F: 01788 550265
W: Autopa Limited

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Bespoke Canopies


The AUTOPA open spaces range of Canopies is available in both standard and bespoke, made to order designs. The Canopies are suitable for a wide range of applications, from schools, to company premises, from hospitals to care homes. Every product is made at our dedicated production facility in Warwickshire. AUTOPA is a leading manufacturer of street furniture products with a huge range of products available both from stock and made to order, all to suit your individual requirements. AUTOPA open spaces is the AUTOPA brand for the control and convenience of pedestrians and includes products such as benches, seating shelters, bins and fencing. Our AUTOPA brand encompasses the control of vehicle parking and includes the original Hinged Parking Post, High Security Retractable Bollards, Automatic Rising Arm Barriers and our comprehensive ranges of Bollards. The VELOPA brand represents the best of cycle parking from the classic Sheffield Cycle Stand to our latest ranges of Contemporary Design Cycle Shelters. Click on our Trade Link below for more Information.

Trade Link: Bespoke Canopies

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