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Carrs Welding Technologies Ltd
Unit 2, Henson Park
Telford Way Industrial Estate
NN16 8PX
T: 01536 412828
W: Carrs Welding

Photo 1: Carrs pass AS quality audit

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Carrs pass AS quality audit


Carrs pass AS9100 rev C audit again in 2016.


The aerospace audit that allows Carrs to weld components that fly above our skies has been passed again for the 4th year.

Carrs now weld various sensors, active sticks for planes and reaction wheels for space. We work with groups like Esterline, Ametek Aerospace and Defence, BAE Systems, Curtiss-Wright amongst others.

This audit proves to the world that you can rely on Carrs for welding services, when you need to rely on them. 

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