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Building Additions Ltd.
Unit C1, Southgate
Commerce Park
BA11 2RY
T: 01373 454577
F: 01373 454578
W: Building Additions Ltd

  • 1: Fabric Concertina Partitioning System
  • 2: Fabric Concertina Partitioning System

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Fabric Concertina Partitioning System

Part no: Fabric Concertina Partitioning

Here at Building Additions we are an established folding partition manufacturer with a reputation for manufacturing, supplying and installing quality room partitions and movable walls to businesses, educational organisations and homes across the UK.
One of the products we offer at Building Additions is Fabric Concertina Partitions.
Concertina Partitions are a great and cost effective way of quickly dividing an area for multiple uses.
Our Fabric Partition systems are most commonly used in educational establishments such as;
Primary Schools
Children's Nurseries
High Schools
Places where the configuration of the room needs to be changed quickly and easily.
The fabric coating on the individual panels of the partition system is fully washable and contains antimicrobials to protect against;
And has also been tested using MRSA prevention products making it an ideal solution for dividing spaces in hospitals and medical centres.
We offer a 12 month guarantee on all of our products, also covering parts and defects.
Please visit our website for any enquiries.
Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Fabric Concertina Partitioning System

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