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Photo 1: A New Era of Leadership

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A New Era of Leadership

Date: 08/08/2014

By: Sue White

What is it that makes certain organizations more successful?

Solutions for the future viability of any organization must be scalable, agile, self-forming, and self-led. In this 21st century era it is not difficult to find organizations that are getting it right. But why should only a handful succeed when there are boundless opportunities for all organizations to embrace a new way of thinking and doing? Welcome to the era of the Open Organization.

In The Open Organization Philip Foster explains how organizational design requires an ability to share ideas, knowledge, resources and skills across generational and cultural boundaries in order to achieve the desired goals. The book investigates the

challenge to find a design that will address generational, cultural, industry, and other environmental factors in which the system must operate. It explores the impact of motivation, culture, and generational differences on the system defined as an Open Organization.

About the Author

Dr Philip A. Foster is a Thought Leader in Business Operations, Organization and Strategic Leadership and an Adjunct Professor at Middle Tennessee State University. He has over 24 years of experience in both government and the private sector. This includes over 13 years as an executive in manufacturing, media, and business consulting. Philip has extensive knowledge and experience developing and delivering curriculum at both corporate and university level, as well as significant experience of developing policies, procedures and corporate structures. He serves as a consultant and board adviser to several not-for-profits in Middle Tennessee.

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