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Russell Finex Ltd.
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W: Sieving, Filtration & Ultrasonics

Photo 1: Bulk sludge separator for water treatment

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Bulk sludge separator for water treatment

Date: 02/06/2017

By: Darren Ralphs

Liquid solid separator provides high performance, low cost solution to removing algae from effluent water

With warm weather giving rise to the formation of algal blooms, water treatment plants must remove algae from the water before it is further treated. One common process is to pump into micro strainers, which trap the algae on a drum covered with fine mesh. However, there is a modern, cost-effective alternative to removing material from liquids.

Following lengthy consultation, it was determined that the Liquid Solid Separator™ was the most appropriate machine for the application. Being the ideal solution to deal with the removal of soft and fibrous oversized solids, an on-site trial was provided to assure this was the option. The chosen solution was to remove the algae from the backwash water before being stored in the settlement lagoon.

Screening at 100 microns, the bulk slurry separators are put into action when algae levels in the backwash water are above 40,000 cells per milliliter. In order to ensure there is no algae break up in the water, the Liquid Solid Separators are tilted at an angle to ensure the correct dryness of algae as it is discharged into the waste collection bin.

With its unique screening action, the unit keeps the filtration mesh clear of oversize particles, thereby maximizing liquid flow. As a key requirement was for the system to be self-cleaning, spray bars were also installed to back wash the mesh in situ to further ensure the mesh is kept clear. The mesh does not need to be manually cleaned and can therefore run without operator involvement.

With recent climate changes being a threat to the sustainability of water services, it is even more imperative that the backwash water is reclaimed. The separators prevent the water quality in the lagoons from deteriorating. This in turn also enables substantial cost savings eliminating the need to remove sludge from the lagoon.

As manufacturers, Russell Finex has over 80 years of experience in providing innovative, custom separation solutions for the water processing industry. Use the online machine selector to choose the correct machine for your application.

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