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Fans assist Motorsport Development

Date: 24/05/2013

By: Fabien Carbonell

As we all know fans have many applications and uses; one use is rolling roads. This is where specially skilled technicians can test and modify the performance of vehicles. Whether they are road legal cars or racing vehicles. We were approached by Motorsport Developments to assist with the selection of the extract fans for the room which the rolling road is installed into. The duty point supplied by Motorsport's Development for the extract fans was high and also gave some physical restraints to what the fans could fit within. The solution was found to be two 900 Ø EC plate axial fans by Rosenberg; from the high efficiency of the EC axial fans it was possible to activate the duty given within the space needed to fit the fans. Not only are the Rosenberg EC fans energy efficient, giving medium to long term benefits on the energy savings but it allowed us to use a simpler and smaller controller. Compared to the traditional AC frequency controller, we were able to use a small single controller for both fans, this helped to keep the total cost down for the project. For more information on the install and use of rolling road please visit;-

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