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Axair Fans UK Ltd
Lowfield Drive
T: 01782 349430
F: 01782 349439
W: Axair Fans UK Ltd

Photo 1: Flexible fan configurations from Axair

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Flexible fan configurations from Axair

Date: 17/06/2013

By: Fabien Carbonell

Axair Fans offer a range of flexible solutions for various customer requirements. Axair stock a variety of fan components to suit most installation needs. One of our products with offers such flexibility of design is the SEAT range of polypropylene , fume extract fans. Stocking scrolls, inlet spigots, motor mounting flanges, impellers and pedestals as components allowing for assembly of any handling and orientation. Combined with an appropriate motor from our stock of over 100 different types and sizes Axair can cater for a wide range of requirements. The SEAT fan can be supplied with a simple metal or a polypropylene weather protecting box pedestal. As the motor mounting plate is not part of the pedestal, the fan can be supplied without a pedestal for mounting direct within a machine. Also it can be mounted on “drop bars” or a bracket for location in a ceiling void as commonly found, for example, in school laboratories.

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