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Photo 1: Meadowmat Installed in London’s Royal Parks

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  • 1: Meadowmat Installed in London’s Royal Parks
  • 2: Meadowmat Installed in London’s Royal Parks
  • 3: Meadowmat Installed in London’s Royal Parks

Meadowmat Installed in London’s Royal Parks

Date: 17/05/2017

By: Angela Lambert

London’s Royal Parks will be brimming with bees and butterflies this summer following the installation of 1300m2 of Meadowmat from Harrowden Turf Ltd.  The Meadowmat has been laid in St James’s Park, Marlborough Gate, The Mall and Green Park as part of an initiative to encourage and highlight biodiversity in Britain’s capital city.  By installing Meadowmat in spring, gardeners at the The Royal Parks are giving it the best possible chance of creating a biodiverse floral display this summer.

A trial area Meadowmat was installed beside the lake in St James’s Park last year where it delighted visitors and provided a colourful backdrop to the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations. The trial wildflower area proved such a success that the project has been expanded for 2017.

Meadowmat is a pregrown matting of native wildflowers and grasses.  It overcomes all of the problems associated with growing wildflowers from seed….particularly, as in the case of The Royal Parks, where the resident bird population would make a meal of any newly sown seed.  There are currently five types of Meadowmat available.  The Royal Parks chose Traditional Meadowmat which contains 34 plant species many of which are laval food sources for butterflies.

“The Royal Parks are not just there for tourists, they are the lungs of London and an important part of the urban ecosystem” said Assistant Park Manager Mike Turner “By incorporating more wildflowers into our planting plans we are supporting all manner of wildlife, thus making London far more interesting for visitors of all ages and all species.”

Kevin Harden, from the Harrowden Turf Sales Team added “We were delighted to once again be invited to supply Meadowmat wildflower matting to The Royal Parks and can’t wait to see how it benefits the wellbeing of London’s workers, visitors and wildlife.”

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