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Cube Products & Services Ltd.
Landmark House
Station Road
T: 0161 486 3323
F: 0161 486 3324
W: Cube Products & Services Ltd.

CRATUS Equipment Truck

Part no: CRATUS Equipment Truck

CRATUS Equipment Truck These range of trucks are for use in: Preparation areas Staff areas Maintenance Facilities Equipment Storage areas They are built to be long lasting and durable for their tasks. This is due to the quality of finish and being manufactured by tubular mild steel and a welded framework. This enables this hardworking piece of equipment to have an expected lifetime of 10 years. The trucks are finished in blue with natural finished plywood. We have two options on size, 1000mm long and 1200mm long. Both have a handle height of 1025mm and a max weight load of 350kg Click on our trade link for price and more information.

Trade Link: CRATUS Equipment Truck

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