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Door Spring Supplies Company
10 Bentley Court, Paterson Road
Finedon Road Industrial Estate
T: 0844 504 6575
F: 0844 504 6575
W: Door Spring Supplies Company

Window Control Systems

Part no: Window Control Systems

Window Control Systems The need for controlling high level ventilation in buildings is universally appreciated, and wherever out of reach windows are incorporated there is a requirement for simple, economic and unobtrusive type of gear. This is no longer a problem with the application of the wide range available. The advantages offered enable a number of high level windows to be opened and closed from a single operator, located in some cases a hundered feet away. The problem of difficult building contours is also overcome by the ability of the transmitting conduit to be had bent on site with the aid of a simple tool. The system is based upon a unique form of cable having an over-wound helix wire to form a flexible rack. Click on the trade link for more information.

Trade Link: Window Control Systems

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