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Unit B Manor Farm
Main Street, Pinvin
WR10 2ES
T: 01905 600020
W: Business Consultancy Services

Contineco Profile

Here at Contineco we offer consultancy services for businesses and organisations to help reduce costs and co inside with current business plans and operations.
Our unique expertises allow us to give out fantastic comprehensive consultancy packages to provide ongoing support to our clients.
Some great services that we offer are:
·         Sustainability services
·         Insulation Services
·         Acoustic services
·         Risk mitigation services
·         Roof Insulation
·         Commercial Insulation
·         Internal Wall Insulation
·         Agricultural Insulation
·         Acoustic surveys & Solutions
·         Energy Consultancy Services
·         Environment Risk Management
·         Insurance Risk Assessment
·         Property Risk Surveys
·         & more
We are committed to finding the best modern, cost effective, sustainable technologies available on the market to produce top results to all our clients.
Some of our client areas include.
·         Housing Associations
·         Councils
·         Data barns
·         Pipe industries
·         Roofing companies
·         & more
Contact our team for more information and full advice.
Visit our website for a full insight in all of our services and consultancy packages.
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