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Gower Publishing Ltd.
Wey Court East
Union Road
T: 01252 736600
F: 01252 736736
W: Business & Management Book Publishers

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Marketing and Branding titles

Gower Publishing Ltd has a longstanding tradition of publishing books that create thoughtful discussion around what you, as a leader and manager, can do to help your organization survive and thrive in an increasingly challenging and complex business environment. Keeping ahead of innovative thoughts and ideas is how Gower has remained a leading business and management publisher since 1967.

Gower Publishing Ltd covers a wide range of specialist subjects including Marketing and Branding. Our extensive range includes the following titles:

  • Why Customers Would Rather Have a Smartphone than a Car

  • Always On

  • Effective Client Management in Professional Services

  • Shoppernomics

  • What’s Your Business?

Please visit our website (see Trade Link below) to view a full list of all publications featured in the Marketing and Branding range.  

Trade Link: Marketing and Branding titles

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