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Photo 1: Enterprise Relationship Management

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Enterprise Relationship Management

Date: 06/02/2015

By: Sue White

‘Today’s successful businesses rely on globalisation for their prosperity. The complex physical and virtual supply chain networks that support globalisation require proactive engagement, shared understanding, outcome-based thinking and collaborative working. This is an insightful book that unpacks the dynamics of effective "enterprise relationship management" and provides the reader with the tools, techniques and procedures needed to optimise twenty-first-century supply chains.’
Air Vice Marshal Graham Howard, Assistant Chief of Defence Staff (Logistics Operations)

Enterprise Relationship Management recognises that, increasingly, competition is no longer between individual organizations but between alliances of companies and networks of supply chains.

Richard Gibbs and Andrew Humphries provide a practical guide to the management process needed for co-ordinating all the business activities that are essential to the success of a joint/multi-party endeavour. The eight partnership types that the authors have developed from their research will help readers adapt their relationship strategies to the different opportunities that present themselves and focus their greatest time and resources on the collaborations that offer the greatest value.

Enterprise Relationship Management will help ensure organisations have the requisite ability to form, manage, retire and exit partnerships in a fluid and agile way, thus getting the most from these partnerships.

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