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Photo 1: The Roles of Organisation Development

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The Roles of Organisation Development

Date: 14/07/2015

By: Sue White

‘Dr Garden brings her extensive consulting experience and in-depth knowledge of the field to identify key roles in organisational development. Her book is a brilliant guide to making change happen and uses self-assessments, exercises and a wide range of practical references. It is truly inspirational and an essential read for all leaders.’

Ralph Lewis, Programme Director, London Business School, UK

The Roles of Organisation Development introduces a radically new and original framework to explain organisation development work and how it is achieved.

Dr Annamaria Garden does not describe the roles typically thought of in organisation development or management literature. Instead, she describes them in terms of: the Seer, Translator, Cultivator, Catalyst, Navigator, Teacher, and Guardian. These are presented primarily for OD people, but strategy and marketing consultants, academics as well as managers doing OD work will find this framework extremely useful.

Garden was trained in her PhD from MIT by two of the founding fathers of OD: Professor Ed Schein and Professor Dick Beckhard. The book refers, in places, to their teaching and interaction.

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