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Photo 1: Equality and Diversity in the Workplace Course

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Equality and Diversity in the Workplace Course

Here at Courtney Associates we specialise in the delivery of inspirational Business Training and Coaching solutions in the field of Leadership, Supervision and Management Development to Employers and Individual Learners throughout the UK and Europe.

Equality and Diversity is essential within the workplace to encourage respect for others beliefs, culture and differences. The course equips all participants with an understanding of the law and strategies to promote equality and diversity in the workplace.

Key areas covered by the Equality and Diversity in the Workplace course:

Equality and Diversity – what does this term mean to your organisation?
Why you should have a policy
The Equality Act 2010
Raising awareness of Equality and Diversity.
Prejudice and discrimination-What is the difference?
How/why stereotyping and labelling occurs
Handling conflict at work
Protect your organisation from Employment tribunal claims
Tolerance vs acceptance what is the difference?

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