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Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies
Hambridge Lane

RG14 5TU
T: 01635 279621
W: Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies

Component Protection Problems We Solve

Component failure is usually due to a sequence or combination of events which can initiate from the design and choice of materials through to manufacturing processing and assembly including the application of heat, welding and grinding, as well as machining and distortion of the part due to bending, rolling or forging.
In services conditions can also contribute to the failure of a part such as variation in temperature and environmental conditions, uneven, high or low cyclic loads or stress profile, compression, torsion and bending as well as foreign object damage.  Matching the maintenance needs of the component to its operating conditions and environment is also important to reduce the effects of ageing and wear.
Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies support every stage of the manufacturing process from design and new manufacture through to in service maintenance, metal repair and overhaul of components – our metal repair and component protection services increase the strength  and performance of parts and reducing costs and downtime.

What Causes Component Failure?

The table below gives a brief overview of typical components that we process, what failures they are susceptible to and the component protection available to prevent failure.
Note: Failure Modes and Solutions may be relevant for some or all of the components.

Blade roots
Air foils
Tie wire holes
Propeller blades
Turbine discs and blisks and drums
Rotating rings
Engine mounting brackets
PTO Gears

Failure modes
Contact fatigue
Stress corrosion cracking
Micro cracking
Foreign object damage
Water droplet erosion

Controlled shot peening
Laser shock peening
C.A.S.E. isotropic superfinishing
Thermal spray coatings
Liquid coatings

Failure modes
Foreign object damage
Temperature variation
Tensile stresses from hard chroming process
Stress corrosion cracking

Controlled shot peening
HVOF WC coating

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