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Diagenics Ltd
South House 3
Bond Avenue
Milton Keynes
T: 01908 376376
F: 01908 376375
W: Diagenics Ltd

Diagenics Ltd Profile

Since 1994, Diagenics Ltd has specialised in the distribution of a range of diagnostics tests for allergy, immunology and endocrinology. In addition, we provide allergy testing for both Type 1 (immediate) and Type 4 (delayed) hypersensitiveness as well as immunotherapy treatments for immediate hypersensitivity. As well as distribution, we also offer outstanding technical support.
Our product and service range includes:

Allergy testing and treatment
Dust mite avoidance
Patch testing for contact dermatitis
Patient information leaflets for TRUE TEST allergens
Diagenics Allergy Information Services
ELISA Kits and Antibodies
               Mercodia ELISA kits
               Demeditec Animal ELISA kits
               Demeditec Antisera Products
               Demeditec Human ELISA kits
               ElAab CLIA kits
               ElAab ELISA kits
               Fine Biotech ELISA kits
We are ISOQAR registered and have UKAS product certification.
The areas we supply to include:

NHS Hospitals
Private Hospitals
University research laboratories
Industrial biomedical research laboratories
Head to our website where you can find more detail about each of our specific products including costings and directions for use. You’ll also find further contact details including a contact form for ease of communication.
To discuss your needs and options, please call a member of our team today.
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