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Litre Meter Limited
Granborough Road
North Marston
MK18 3RZ
T: 01296 670200
F: 01296 670999
W: Mass, Water and Chemical Injection Flowmeters

Litre Meter Limited Profile

Here at Litre Meter we specialise in the design, manufacture and distribution of accurate, reliable flow measurement solutions to the UK and global markets.

With over 40 years experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying high performance flow meters, we are able to offer a broad range of technologies suitable for virtually every liquid, gas or steam measurement application.

Based in the UK we serve the flow meter market either direct or through our large network of distributors. Our flow meters are manufactured in the UK to the highest quality and standards and are used across the world - from the harshest conditions found sub-sea to the precision of laboratory conditions. We have particular expertise in measuring low flow rates.

We offer a wide range of flow measurement products including:

Pelton Wheel (Radial Turbine)
Positive Displacement Flow Meters - Rotary Piston, Round Gear & Helical Screw
Thermal Mass Capillary Sensor
Thermal Mass Industrial
Vortex Shedding Flow Meter (Oscillatory Flow Meters)
Ultrasonic flow meters
Gas Meters (Wet Gas or Drum)
Turbine (Inline axial turbine flow meters)
Coriolis Flow Meters
Flowpod (flow indication display unit)

Our flow meters have been used in a broad variety of industry sectors from Automotive and Aerospace right through to Sugar and Textile Processing.

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