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Condor Cases Ltd.
7C Wendover Road
NR13 6LH
T: 01603 73 5900
F: 0160 373 5901
W: Condor Cases Ltd.

Photo 1: Shot Peen Forming

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Shot Peen Forming

Part no: Shot Peen Forming

Here at Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies, we specialise in the protection of components from common failures and the reduction of maintenance costs across a range of industries.
One of the first-rate services we offer our customers includes Shot Peen Forming. Shot Peen Forming uses the compressive stresses induced by controlled shot peening to alter the stress pattern, magnitude and depth to deliberately create a change in the component shape.
Key Features include:
Induces stresses to greater depths
Tighter radius of curvature
Can be performs on thicker materials
Improved fatigue resistance
Inhibits stress corrosion cracking
Increased resistance to flexural bending fatigue
Dieless forming process

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