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A-Gas Electronic Materials Ltd
Unit 3, iO Centre
Valley Drive
CV21 1TW
T: 01788 537535
F: 01788 535835
W: A-Gas Electronic Materials Ltd

  • 1: KMG Ultra Pure Chemicals
  • 2: KMG Ultra Pure Chemicals
  • 3: KMG Ultra Pure Chemicals
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KMG Ultra Pure Chemicals

Part no: KMG Ultra Pure Chemicals

Here at A-Gas Electronic Materials Ltd we specialise in in the supply of specialist chemicals & processes to Semiconductor, Printed Circuit Board, Electronic/Industrial Metal Finishing, Photovoltaic an Advanced Packaging Technologies.
One of the product categories we offer our customers includes KMG Ultra Pure Chemicals. The advancement of technologies in semiconductor wafers means that purity in process chemicals needs to do so too. KMG Electronic Chemicals uses a variety of chemical purification technologies, including distillation, ion exchange, gas adsorption and filtration, to ensure high-purity process chemicals with reliably low contaminant levels
Key Features include:
Acids & Bases
Solvents & GenSolv blends
Performance Products

Trade Link: KMG Ultra Pure Chemicals

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