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British Bins
4 Sydenham Ave

SE26 6UH
T: 0208 776 8957
F: 0872 111 5106
W: Supplier of High Quality Bins

  • 1: Wheelie Bin Accessories & Parts
  • 2: Wheelie Bin Accessories & Parts
  • 3: Wheelie Bin Accessories & Parts
  • 4: Wheelie Bin Accessories & Parts

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Wheelie Bin Accessories & Parts

Here at British Bins we specialise in supply of high quality Wheelie Bins.

We have the largest selection of Bins available online. Our diverse range includes everything from standard dustbins to clinical waste bins & everything in between.

One of the products we offer our customers includes Wheelie Bin Accessories & Parts from our Wheelie Bins range.

We have a wide variety of accessories & parts for our Wheelie bins.

Our Wheelie bin Accessories & Parts include:

Box of 50 Wheelie Bin Bags
Caster without brake
Box of 100 Large Bin Bags
Caster with Brake
BinBand for 240ltr bin
Heavy Duty Caster without Brake
Drop Down Door
Heavy Duty Caster with Brake
Caster with pressed steel centre
Wheelie Bin Hopper Top
Ultra Heavy Duty Caster with Brake
Universal Tow Bar Kit
Ultra Heavy Duty Caster without Brake
1100 ltr Wheelie Bin Tow Bar Kit
Grey Caster without Brake
Wheel Directional Locks
Grey Caster with Brake
A-Frame Tow Bar Kit Complete
Stainless Steel Caster with Brake
Wheelie Bin Tow Hitch
Stainless Steel Caster without Brake
Bolt On Fork Lift Pockets
& much more
Please visit our website for more information on our Wheelie bin Accessories & Parts range.
Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Wheelie Bin Accessories & Parts

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