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Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas
Lamba House, Little Green
T: 01638 732177
W: Developers & Manufacturers of High Specification Microwave Antennas

Dual-Polar Sinuous Spiral Antenna

Part no: SSA0218RL/2044

Here at Cobham Antenna Systems we specialise in the manufacturing and development of high specification microwave antennas.

One of the products we offer is an ultra-wideband, dual-polar, sinuous spiral antenna which is specifically suited to security, EW and surveillance applications.

Key Features for the Ultra Wideband Include:

Frequency range of 2 - 18GHz
Beamwidth is 65° to 95° in azimuth
Elevation with a maximum Beam Squint of only ±4° to -3dB points across the band
& More.

Part number: SSA0218RL/2044

Please visit our website to view our full product range.

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Trade Link: Dual-Polar Sinuous Spiral Antenna

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