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Unit 10 Easter Park
Lenton Lane
T: 0115 9003550
F: 0115 9705 597
W: Flowmeters, Process Sensors & Instrumentation

Flowtechnik Profile

Here at Flowtechnik we are a division of Hydrotechnik UK Ltd.

We offer our customers a wide range of of Flow meter and Instrumentation solutions for oil, water, chemicals & fuels in industrial, process, hazardous area and subsea applications.

Our product categories include:

Axial Flow Turbines
Circular Gear & Helical Screw Flowmeters
Oval Gear Positive Displacement Flow meters
Pelton Wheel Flowmeters
Variable Area Flowmeters
Electro Magnetic, Coriolis & Ultrasonic Flow Meters
Digital Displays and Instrumentation
Level, Temperature & Density sensors
Low Cost Flowmeters & Sight Glasses
Vortex Flow Meters

There are a number of products to choose from within each of these categories.

Also available is a range of level, temperature and density sensors to suit a range of budgets and technical requirements.

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