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ATP Instrumentation Limited
T: 01530 566800
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  • 1: Infrared Image & Video Thermometer
  • 2: Infrared Image & Video Thermometer
  • 3: Infrared Image & Video Thermometer
  • 4: Infrared Image & Video Thermometer

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Infrared Image & Video Thermometer

Part no: DT-9860

Here at ATP Instrumentation Limited, we specialise in the mail order and internet ordering of test and measurement equipment.
One of the products we offer our customers includes the Infrared Image & Video Thermometer. You can also purchase the Traceable Calibration Certificate. Along with an 8GB microSD, this device can capture JPEG images and 3GP videos which can be downloaded to a PC or laptop.
Key Features include:
-50° to 1000°C x 0.1°
Measures °C or °F
Just point, pull the trigger and read the display
Dual laser pointers converge to a single spot when the unit is at the optimal distance from the object being measured
Distance to spot size ratio is 50 to 1 at the focal point
Adjustable emissivity at 0.10 to 1.0
Response time less than 150 milliseconds
Automatic data hold when trigger released
Trigger lock for continuous measurements
Min/max, differential and average for scan results
Programmable high/low alarm
Traditional K-Type thermocouple input
Auto power off
Standard 4mm camera bush for tripod mounting
Supplied with K-Type temperature probe, USB connection cable, tripod, carry case, rechargeable battery & adapter

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