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Adventure Playgrounds Wales Ltd.
SA43 1RG
T: 01239 612284
W: Adventure Playground Equipment

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Adventure Trails Equipment

Part no: Adventure Trails Equipment

Here at Adventure Playgrounds Wales we can supply an extensive range of over 150 pieces of playground equipment. All our products have been designed to inspire play for children of all ages and abilities. Our Adventure Trails Equipments is composed of individual low-level trail items linked together, and provides an ideal opportunity for a lot of children to play together. Suitable for use in a wide range of environments including: Home Schools Public play areas Benefits: Encourage the development of fitness, agility, co-ordination and balance Complement to P.E. We have designed four set trails to appeal to different budgets and abilities; an example Adventure Trail we can provide which is 22m long includes the following equipment: Beam rope walk Zigzag beams Mini suspension bridge Vandal proof stainless steel bolts Suspended wobble board Set of 8 stepping logs However if you would prefer you are welcome to design your own from our full range of trail items. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Adventure Trails Equipment

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