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Aero Support
PO Box 483

T: 0845 0600 877
F: 0845 0600 788
W: CEC Vibration Products Distributor

169500 Series Cable Assembly

Part no: Cable Assembly 169500

Here at Aero Support we provide a wide range of cable assemblies. One of which includes the high temperature 169500 series cable assembly which mates with all standard velocity vibration sensors that require a 173960 type mating connector. It is stainless steel over braided 20 AWG cable and is rated up to 371°C. We provide a range of models of 169500 series cable assemblies in lengths ranging from 2 foot up to 100 foot. Other products in this range include: 173970 49657 82406 We also provide cables & connectors. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: 169500 Series Cable Assembly

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