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Highblade Cables
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W: Custom Cable Assemblies

Fibre Optics

Part no: Fibre Optics

ST, SC, LC, FC and MTRJ connector ranges Patch leads Site installation/termination/splicing Test documentation provided as standard All cabling of ruggedised construction Range of patch panels, accessories and Hardware Low/medium/high volume production Optical fibre backbones and links have now become an essential part of WANs and larger LANs and in data communications. The benefits of fibre optics including immunity from EMI/RFI, high data rates and the ability to transmit data of large distances have been known for decades, but it is comparatively recently that the system has been adopted widely for networking applications. Highblade offer a complete manufacturing service for all forms of fibre optic cable, either as ready made assemblies/patch leads, or as a site installation. As with our other cable assembly services we can supply custom products to your specifications in either large or small volume. We are able to terminate all forms of optical fibre cabling with the connectors of your choice including FDDI and ATM high speed network and video applications. To back up our cabling service we can provide a wide range of accessories including patch panels, couplers, adaptors, transceivers, wall outlets and termination cabinets. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Fibre Optics

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