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Habia Cable Limited
10 Short Way
Thornbury Industrial Estate, Thornbury
BS35 3UT
T: 01454 412 522
F: 01454 416 121
W: Custom Design Cables and Cable Harness Assembly

High Performance Cables in the Nuclear Market

Part no: Nuclear Performance Cables

High Performance Cables in the Nuclear Market Habiatron specialist wires and cables Our range of Habiatron custom design and hybrid cables have been developed following considerable research and development into the unique needs of nuclear environments and naturally incorporate all the elements you would expect from Habia: quality, reliability, consistency and efficiency. As a leading manufacturer of special wires and cables, Habia Cable are active in many nuclear programs around the world. We are also able to meet specific customer requirements by mixing and incorporating various power and signal wires into hybrid cables. We can also offer custom-designed solutions which are engineered to meet the most demanding nuclear applications. Nuclear Cable Types Habiatron C: Speedflex coaxial cables are used for surveillance and control. Remote monitoring through CCTV systems and communications channels. All types are halogen free. Habiatron F: A wide range of cables and composites designed with flexibility in mind, using Habia Cable's unique experience in materials and lay-up. Habiatron MM: Manufactured in conjunction with Ultra Electronics - Super Screened Cables for Nuclear Control Systems. Habiatron MM types are used in systems that require high immunity from the surrounding environment, high radiation and temperature resistance. Performance is guaranteed by using optimised braids, high permitivity magnetic tapes and anti-microphonic coatings Habiatron Q: Designed for use in Class 1 safety systems such as primary pumps, safety valves, volume controls and emergency shut-down systems (where the cable must continue operation). Habiatron Q is independently qualified for an operational life of 60 years operating at up to 109°C (insulation material), with a jacket operating temperature of 61°C. Habiatron R: Safety cables used for monitoring safety related functions within the power plant. Mainly in containment areas where they offer a high level of performance, coupled with excellent smoke generation and flame retardancy. Habiatron ZH: Safety cables used for monitoring. Designed to meet the requirements of the ‘R' specification, but with all the advantages associated with the use of Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LS0H) materials.

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