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Habia Cable Limited
10 Short Way
Thornbury Industrial Estate, Thornbury
BS35 3UT
T: 01454 412 522
F: 01454 416 121
W: Custom Design Cables and Cable Harness Assembly

Industrial Cables/Harnesses for harsh environment

Part no: Harsh Environment Cables

Industrial Cables and cable harnesses for harsh environments High Performance Cables for Industry As a leading manufacturer of industrial cables for many years, the industrial market has grown to one of our largest market sectors. Main Market sectors of Habia Cable business within the Industrial market are :- Cables for Industrial Power Tools Wires and cables for Sensors: temperature sensors, vibration sensors, flow sensors and level sensors Thermocouples for temperature Sensor cables Gas Turbines cables and cable systems and harnesses Cables for Marine Diesel Engines Raw Material Processing - high temperature and safety cables Inspection and Measurement - wires, cables and coaxials Offshore, Sub-sea and Exploration cables Water blocked cables Medical cables Automotive cables Robotic and highly flexible cables Dynamic cables for cranes and lifts Heating cables Lighting cables Low noise cables Cables for general electronics We are also able to provide cable harnesses and assemblies to Customer Specifications for all of the above markets. Key Products for Industrial Wire and Cable Applications: HFI 120 insulated and HFS 100 jacketed cables: Habia's best all-round combination, these materials combine low costs with good performance and availability. HFI 140 insulated and HFS 100 jacketed cables: Quickly becoming a favoured construction for industrial cable, the dual-wall construction and improved solder-resistance of HFI 140 make it a step up in quality. ETFE insulated and HFS 100 jacketed cables: Perhaps Habia's best combination to reach that balance of flex-life and flexibility, these materials have found many uses in a wide variety of fields where the application is dynamic rather than fixed. Thermocouple Cables, Extension Cables and Compensation Cables for Temperature Sensors We specialise in the manufacture of high performance thermocouple cables (extension cables & compensating cables) incorporating a wide range of sheathing and insulation materials. Our range of extension cables and compensation cables offer a flexible solution where accurate temperature measurement is required. With over 25 insulation and jacket materials to choose from, many other combinations exist for bespoke and custom design cables, each with their particular advantages in industrial cable applications. Please contact one of our sales offices for more information regarding your specific application.

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