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Highblade Cables
The Shire Hall
The Sands
CA16 6XN
T: 017683 52560
F: 017683 52960
W: Custom Cable Assemblies

Multicore Cable Assemblies

Part no: Multicore Cable Assemblies

Highblade manufacture a huge range of data cables for applications including computing, data communications, EPOS equipment, machine control, testing, video transmission and a host of specialised applications. All commonly used interfaces for data communications are catered for including the ever popular RS232 (V24), Centronics and SCSI range for computer applications. A significant part of our production is concerned with cables for more specialised interfaces such as RS422, RS485, V35, V36 and X21. We are also able to manufacture coiled cable sets for equipment such as handheld barcode scanners, light pens, control units, test equipment and audio applications. All of our products are individually tested and inspected before despatch. Our state of the art test equipment will automatically detect incorrect wiring, shorts, crossed pairs, diode reversals and resistance anomalies. Test result data can be provided if required. Our production staff are skilled in all soldering techniques and we have the facility to fit most types of crimp contacts and terminals. The Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 1995 are now fully implemented in the UK. Highblade are able to offer state of the art shielding and suppression techniques to prevent radiation from interconnection cables. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Multicore Cable Assemblies

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