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CableJoG Limited
18 Browmere Drive
T: 01925 764471
F: 01925 764903
W: Cable Testers & Equipment

AudioJog Pro 5 Audio Cable Testers

Here at CableJog Ltd. we provide a wide range of Cable testers. 
One of our products we offer our customers is the AudioJog Pro 5 Audio Cable Tester. 
Our AudioJog Pro 5 Audio Cable Tester offers single or double end testing with intermittent fault detection.
The AudioJog Pro 5 has the following conectors:
3 Pole XLR Male and Female
5 Pole XLR Male and Female 
6.35mm Jack, stereo or mono
Single or Twin 4.4mm Bantam, stereo or mono
3.5mm Jack, stereo or mono
2 or 4 Pole Speakon (TM)
DIN 180° 3 & 5 Pole
RCA Phono

For more information on our products, please visit our website.
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