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CableJoG Limited
18 Browmere Drive
T: 01925 764471
F: 01925 764903
W: Cable Testers & Equipment

  • 1: CableJoG 1024 Cable Testers
  • 2: CableJoG 1024 Cable Testers

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CableJoG 1024 Cable Testers

Part no: CableJoG 1024 Cable Testers

Here at CableJoG we supply a wide range of Cable Testers.

One of our products is the CableJoG 1024 Cable Tester.

This product is made up of the CableJoG 512 and CabeJoG 512 Plus which together provide a flexible testing system to suit your individual requirements.

These two products combined can test up to 1024 individual connections of all manufacturers of connectors.

Each cable that is tested is compared against the stored details to produce one of the following indications:
Pass Fail Open/short/crossed
This simple to use test instrument stores up to 59 separate cable configurations.

Available to purchase from our online shop.

Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: CableJoG 1024 Cable Testers

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