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CableJoG Limited
18 Browmere Drive
T: 01925 764471
F: 01925 764903
W: Cable Testers & Equipment

CableJoG 128 Cable Testers

Part no: CableJoG 128

Here at CableJoG we supply a wide range of Cable Testers.

One of our products is the CableJoG 128 Cable Tester, which can test up to 128 individual connections of all manufacturers of connectors.

Technical Information:
CONNECTOR PINS: 2 x 64way via a standard IDC header (2 x 34 each way)
KEYBOARD: 4 x 4 Keyboard; 0 to 9, 4 cursor keys, Clear & Enter
DISPLAY: 1 Line 16 Character Alphanumeric LCD Backlit Display
PROCESSOR Z80 CMOS: Real Time Clock and Serial I/O MEMORY 32K EPROM 32K
RAM POWER - Integral 9V Nicad - External 'Plug Top' 300 mA Power Supply - 5 year Lithium [Memory Backup] DIMENSIONS - Width: 310mm Length: 180mm Depth: 60mm

This simple test instrument stores up to 55 separate connection configurations.

Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: CableJoG 128 Cable Testers

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