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CableJoG Limited
18 Browmere Drive
T: 01925 764471
F: 01925 764903
W: Cable Testers & Equipment

RibbonJoG Ribbon Cable Tester

Part no: RibbonJoG Cable Tester

Here at CableJoG we supply a wide range of Cable Testers.

One of the products we offer our customers includes RibbonJoG Cable Tester.

Our RibbonJog Cable Tester is a versatile ribbon cable tester allowing users to identify existing ribbon cable or perform rapid comparison tests.

Technical information:

Continuity (end to end), less than 4.7k ohms
Short Circuits (end to end & between connected pins) less than 4.7k ohms
Open Circuits (end to end & between connected pins) greater than 10k ohms
Less than 5 seconds test time
Minimum distance between connectors of same size only 130mm
Non-volatile memory feature
L 290mm W 143mm D 50mm
Uses 4 x AAA battery (not supplied)

For more information on our RibbonJog Cable Testers, please visit our website.

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Trade Link: RibbonJoG Ribbon Cable Tester

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