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Baur Test Equipment Ltd
C1 Connaught Business Centre
49 Imperial Way
T: 0208 661 0957
W: Baut Test Equipment Ltd

  • 1: TRANSCABLE Cable Test Vans
  • 2: TRANSCABLE Cable Test Vans
  • 3: TRANSCABLE Cable Test Vans
  • 4: TRANSCABLE Cable Test Vans

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TRANSCABLE Cable Test Vans

Here at Baur Test Equipment we specialise in the provision of testing & measurement technology.

One of the product ranges we offer our customers includes Cable Test Vans.

Our Cable Test Vans provide all your test equipment needs in one custom designed van. Our vans are available in various ergonomic designs to meet out customers individual equipment combination requirements.

Key features of our Cable Test Vans include:

Extensive safety technology
Protected, encapsulated system
Flexible, customised combinations
Future-oriented, modifications possible at any time
User-friendly operation
Spare parts guaranteed
On-site service, reducing down times
Safety concept in the event of a traffic accident
Mains & generator operation
Automatic charging unit for vehicle battery & safety circuit
19“ modular system
Software in the specified language
Our Cable Test Vans range includes:
TRANSCABLE 3000 32kV-3/S
TRANSCABLE 3000 70kV-3/S
TRANSCABLE 3000 80kV-3/A
TRANSCABLE 3000 110kV-1/S
For more information on our Cable Test Vans, please visit our website.

Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: TRANSCABLE Cable Test Vans

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